Production Advantage

Foshan Zhongxin Hygienic Products Co., Ltd. adheres to the operating policy of quality as the root and establishes a brand. It strengthens infrastructure construction and equipment investment year by year, and introduces the global advanced automation equipment ZUIKO, which is efficient and intelligent mechanized automated production. The product quality is stable and can produce babies. Diapers, pull-ups, sanitary napkins, nursing pads and other products;

Performance: average high speed 580 pieces / minute, stable performance and stable product quality.

Professional functions: a set of highly sensitive automatic inspection and rejection systems such as infrared detection, stain detection, visual detection, positioning detection, and metal detection.


OEM mfrs.

Product Case

OEM Processing Product Case

The company mainly focuses on sanitary napkin processing, maternal towel processing, diaper processing, and pad processing. 
It can undertake sample processing, processing of incoming materials, and research and development of new products.